Top 4 Mobile Apps By Which You Can Earn Real Money in (2021)

I often get messages from you people on Instagram and your question is that how to earn money from mobile? So today again I will tell you about some ways to earn money.

Where you will only need your one Android Mobile and Internet and to earn money from this it is not necessary that you have any skills, by using this method you can earn money even without skill.

I myself have earned money by using this method first, then after that, I am going to tell you guys about it. I am talking here to earn money by referring applications to other people, those who do not go, what is the meaning of earning money by referring.

You have been told about it in this article and on being a referral here, you also get up to ₹ 500, and along with it, some Gift Vouchers are also available. So if you are also interested in earning by referring to the application, then read this article well and start earning money from your Smartphone itself.

I hope that many of you will definitely use it and all the people who have earned money by using this method or they have earned money after telling me, they must tell me by writing in the comment below

How to earn money from mobile?

If you were looking for a way for a long time where you can earn money without investment, then use this method I have told you, you will definitely start earning money.

When it comes to earning money from mobile, most people search on YouTube itself that apps that earn money from mobile or apps that, then I want to tell you thing that, Most of the videos on YouTube in which Earning Applications are told, most of them are fake applications. And whatever is the original application, they give you Per Refer up to ₹ 10- ₹ 20 and then there will be such applications in them too.

With which you will earn money but that money does not come in your bank account or Paytm Wallet. So the Refer And Earn Program that I am going to tell about are absolutely Genuine and here you do not get ₹ 10 or ₹ 20 for referring like other apps.

If a person joins your Refer Link, then he gets ₹ 500 and you also get some money. There is no such thing in these applications that the money you have earned by referring will not come to your bank, once you start showing money in that application, then come. You can transfer that money to your bank anytime.

List of apps to earn money from mobile:-

Most of you people will be students or you will be YouTubers or bloggers, so now you must be trying something to earn money or there must be some Sikhs.

So in such a situation, I am going to tell you about some such applications from where you can earn ₹ 500 per refer.

Now you people will think that how many people will refer these applications to such people, in our information, most of them are such that they will not install,

so I have also told you some such methods by using which you can refer this application to thousands of people from your Refer Link. You can also earn up to lakhs of rupees by joining.

How to Earn money online for beginners? Very Simple Method

By the way, I hope that you people will know what is the meaning of Refer And Earn, but for those who do not know about it, I will also tell them that,

Refer And Earn means that you are using any one application, then there are also some applications which if you get any of your friend or family member to download from your Invite Link,

For that, you are given some money and due to this the number of users of that application also increases and their users are able to earn money too.

So come friends, now know about all those applications which are giving you a chance to earn ₹ 500 per refer.

1) Upstox

You must know very well about Upstox, it is a trading platform where you can invest your money in Mutual Funds and Stocks.

Upstox uses Refer and Earn Program to increase its users, where if you have to open someone else’s account with your Invite Link.

So they will also get money and whoever joins their link will also get ₹ 500.

For this, first of all, you have to open an account on Upstox [You can join from our given link to create your account. ]

Then in the Upstox App itself, you will get the option of Refer and Earn, from that you have to generate your Referral Link.

And you have to send it to whomever you are creating an account on Upstox App, if they download this app through your link only then you and they will get money.

But you have to fully activate the account in it, only on registering the mobile number, neither of you will get money.

Those who willfully activate their account after joining your link, only then they will get 500 rupees.

And in the same way, I myself have earned about 11 thousand rupees by referring to this Upstox App and this money has also been transferred to my bank.[

In the image shown above, you have also been shown proof that how much money I have received here for Per Refer. And I have also transferred these 11 thousand rupees to my bank account.

2) Groww

Groww App is also the best application to invest your money, if you also want to invest your money in Mutual Fund, Stock or Gold then you can use this application.

In this also you have to refer like other apps and when you download it and activate your account, then you can refer this app to anyone. To refer to the application, first of all, open the Groww App, then there you will get an option named You, in which you will get information about your account.

By going to the same option, you will get this Refer And Earn, that’s why you have to refer this application to other people. And both the people will get 100-100 rupees Per Refer. When people start joining your link, then you will start showing

how many people have joined from your link. As soon as people will fully activate their account using Aadhar-card and PAN-card, both you and them will get 100-100 rupees.

If you have not downloaded the Groww App yet, then you can join now from our given link.

In this Screen Shot, you can see that I am getting Rs.100 per to refer for promoting Groww App and those who join from my given link will also be getting Rs.100.

3) Angel Broking

Angel Broking is also a very popular platform to invest your money from here, if you refer someone and join, then you can win GIft Vouchers of 500 rupees.

All the people who join your Refer Link will be given free access to Smart Money Knowledge Series On Financial Markets from where you can learn about Financial Markets.

And for 1 month you will also get Free ARQ – AI-Based Premium Advisory and Opening Account in Angel Broking is Free.

You can use Free Gift Vouchers on sites like Amazon, Flipkart.

And to generate Referral Link, when you have created a Demat Account, a Client ID is given there.

So just go to the page with the same Client ID  fill it in that box and click on Generate Link.

So in this way you can earn money by using Angel Broking’s Referral Program.

To join Angel Broking from our link, click on the link given below.


5Paisa is also a very old platform where people are investing money in Mutual Funds and Stock Market, you can earn up to Rs 300 on its Per Refer and you can transfer this money to your bank as well.

But one thing in this is that if you open an account in it,  you have to pay some money, and if your age is less than 25 years, then you can start the account for free.

All the people who are interested to join it, then you can join them through your referral link and you can earn money from it like other apps.

And if you join our Invite Link, then we will also get a little support, click on the link given below to join now.

How to Promote Referral Link?

Now you have already come to know that what are applications that you can promote and earn money.

So let us now know how to promote these referral links, out of all the people who are reading this article of ours, many people will have their own blogs or websites.

So, like me, you can also make one article related to all these like: – What is Groww App? Or what is Upstox App?

Write some such articles and in that article, you give your referral link and when people come to read your article, they will get the information.

Also, if you join through the Referral Link given by you, then traffic will also start coming to your site, in this way you will be able to start earning money from your mobile.

It is a matter of bloggers who have a blog, they can promote such links, but those who do not have a blog will also be able to promote these links by making their videos through YouTube channel.

According to the blog, YouTube videos will get more conversions because most people like to get information through YouTube videos.

To get Views on YouTube Video, you can do YouTube SEO so that you can get Views from YouTube Search.

For this, if you use YouTube Shorts, then you can get a good reach on it in a very short time.

In the same way, you can earn money by promoting these apps by making videos on Instagram Reels too.

Because both YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are new platforms, so you are getting good Reach here right now, so you should not miss such opportunities.

Why will people join through our Invite Link?

This question must also come to your mind that why will it happen that people can download these apps by going to Google Play Store directly.

 Yes, you guys are thinking right. But for this, you will have to work a little hard, for this only person will join your link and you will also get some money from it.

Here I have told you about all the apps, on some platforms, you are also giving information about Stock Market and Mutual Funds, they are also providing you Free Courses.

If you want to learn everything from YouTube for free, then you can watch videos by visiting these channels [Pranjal Kamra, Asset Yogi].

After doing those courses, when you will have good knowledge about these things, then you will inform the people about it, then you can tell them that you will have to download this app from our own link.

My advice:-

First of all, you should stay away from such applications which tell you about many applications on YouTube which give you Per Refer 10 rupees.

 The applications like this, first of all, do not even pay your referral and when you give your mobile number.

So people also start making spam links or calls on your mobile number. Therefore, my advice would be to always avoid such applications.

So I am using all the applications that I have told you about here, only then I have given you information about them.

So guys, if you like our article on how to earn money from mobile, then definitely share it with all your friends so that those people can also earn money, thank you.

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