How To Get Started in Amazon Affiliate USA Complete Informations?

If you want to sell products in other countries with the help of Amazon Affiliate while in India, then this post is for you,

 In this post, we will know how affiliate marketing is done in other countries while in India and then how we get paid.

 In this post, the main thing will be about Amazon Affiliate, as well as I will share my story with all of you so that you can know how to earn good money by selling products in other countries with the help of affiliate marketing.

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 Before starting anything, there are many things that we are told about what to do and how to do. We will also tell, but before that, let us tell you what not to do if you want to sell Amazon products in other countries.

 If you have not yet had any relationship with Amazon Affiliate, then first join the Affiliate Program for Amazon India (Join Amazon Affiliate India) and sell the product in India itself. Then when you start earning a lot from affiliate marketing, you start to understand a little about affiliate marketing, then you have to promote the products of different companies in other countries.

 Creating Account / Creating Account

 Suppose you understand Amazon India Affiliate and are also making money and want to sell the product in other countries especially the USA, then for that you will need an account with Amazon Affiliate (USA).

 To create an account, you have to do the same thing again to join the affiliate program of Amazon India,

 Step 1: First of all visit the official website of Amazon Affiliate (USA),

Step 2: When the portal opens, the sign-up button will appear, it has to be clicked,

 Step 3: Now a form will open in front of you, if you already have an account then log in otherwise create an account.

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Step 4: You will be asked for some important and very important information as soon as you log in, like PAYEE NAME (Here, write the name which will be issued completely from your bank account, to which payment will be issued by Amazon, please correct each letter Write correctly.), Address, mobile number, and others.

 Step 5: After filling in all this information you have to reach the next page where you have to give information about your website or mobile app (list of websites). Put a link to the website on which you want to promote your product here

 Step 6: In the next step, you will be asked again many information, first of all, you have to give a store id, for example, you can also give the name of your website, then about the website or app There is something to be told, as well as some traffic-related questions to be answered and your account is created.


 Now you have to create your affiliate product link in the same way as you used to create a link to Amazon India product and share it or put it on your blog,

 Keep in mind that if you are making a link to the USA, then share it on the same blog where traffic comes from America, or else your product will not be able to sell.

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 Or if traffic comes to your site from many other places besides America and India, then you can join the affiliate program in all those places and put a link.

Payment / Getting Payment

 Before joining any affiliate program, you must know about its payment method,

 If you talk about Amazon Affiliate (USA) then you are paid by check for places outside the US (USA), although there are many companies that provide you with bank accounts in the US in a virtual way and this will give you your bank Direct payment is available in the account.

 One name that appears in the list for these companies is Payoneer.

 If you start earning from Amazon Affiliate USA, then you can sign up by visiting this website and get the payment of Amazon Affiliate directly in your bank account.

 Friends, Amazon Affiliate to know the answer to any kind of question-related to it, you must use the comment box below, I will be waiting for your questions.

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