Will self-improvement rule the world? Understand with a story

Happy news everyone: I finally discovered the code to unlock eternal bliss. Believe me, I am not going to quote any books because I received this revelation from heaven this morning and I am happily exploding to discover the secret that for centuries has been rumoured to be decoded by the entire human race that you are experiencing.

I realise your hopes and I am building on this point of ‘I can’t wait to find out’ because the discovery will help you live a super happy life from now on. The research alone is enough to set you free.

Situation 1:

It’s breakfast time and you’re hungry. There is no one in the kitchen and no one has ordered any food. You call your mother, your wife, the cook, and you don’t hear them answer your call. You are frustrated, you want to scream when you feel dissipated, to hear your stomach growl loudly.

What can I do? I was so hungry I could eat a wolf. No one knows how distraught I am.

Answer 1: I’ll order it right away.

2: I’ll just make a little food and be patient.

Answer 3: I will have a snack.

Let’s say you choose answer 3. It’s easy and uncomplicated. Plus, it gave you some empty calories. You can make rolled oats or eat a salad instead. But you’ve chosen the sandwich as a panacea.

The result of your decision: you’re probably angrier than ever. This is because junk food makes you addicted. All this unwanted food is twisting your body in the wrong direction. So you lose your sense of propriety, you feel like a boss and you can give orders.

So you decide to hurry up and get your act together with your family. You become fed up and lethargic. and You can’t hear what they have to say. You look tough and numb. You’ve wasted the morning. Do you get really frustrated?

I am implying that the situation could have been handled better. You could have handled the situation better, and you could have enjoyed the moment if you had known how to make it work for you. It is clear that it was difficult to control your food cravings because your body was stronger than your mind.

We know that we can go for days without eating and that a few hours without food is really good for our health. You could have waited or tried to find out what the delay was. But something has kept you in a place of slavery. Let’s look at the following situations

Situation 2

‘My dog is not feeling well. He is sneezing and looking for shelter. He is probably cold.

So you put a blanket on it. It becomes comfortable and stops sneezing. Then you go to sleep and wake up well and healthy.

Congratulations. You have done well to understand what the dog needs and you have provided it. So you were able to enjoy the moment, knowing that there was no need to rush him to the vet or take him to a different vet.

This is the comfort zone we want to be in. When we have some control over the circumstances of our lives without feeling helpless or overcome. Those are the precious moments that help us to feel safe and happy to be alive. When things are going well it is a time to relax, and when things seem to be going downhill it can make us tense.

So how can we embrace success every time? What if you were oblivious to the situation and didn’t give an answer? The situation could have been much worse and my day would not have been well spent. Let’s take a new situation where things could have gone terribly wrong

Situation 3:

The fan is not working because the power is off and the temperature is too high. ‘I can’t get any work done, I’ll miss my deadline’

So you ask your daughter to make a fan out of cardboard or a fan if she can find one. She refuses.

It is a hot situation. You have a job that should have been done long ago. What is the best way?

Life is made up of difficult situations such as the above. There is not enough time to vent your anger. What happens if the person dismisses you as absurd and irrelevant? There are many things that can go wrong in life.

I could list many more situations where I wish I had a little more patience, a little more time to think, and the knowledge to choose the right course of action without regret. The joy of life when all else fails is to persevere, to hold on to what you believe in, and to be sure that this is the way forward.

‘What a relief! At least I can be sure I’m on the right track!

Half the story is just knowing; the rest is getting out there and doing it.

Personal happiness (sorry, those aren’t two magic words) is easier when you are really sure. The magic word is “GOOD CHARACTER”.

In all three cases, we reacted according to our characters. Our reaction to what happens to us is determined mainly by our character. If we do not get easily irritated or procrastinated by the idiosyncrasies and behavior of others, and if we invest in building a good character that is tolerant, forgiving, adaptable, adaptable, and even loving, we will surely have a good life.

In fact, everyone in life is beginning to think that the solution to all the problems they face is money, but that is not true. When you have what you need in life, you are blessed to live a wonderful life. Because the blessings come to those who have a wonderful nature. You will be much more productive, respected, and influential in all areas of work. You will win everyone’s favor because you are simple but not airy-fairy.

Being Christ-like and meek begins with accepting Jesus Christ into our lives. We learn that when we are in a relationship with the One who is worthy of our attention, the discipline behaves remarkably. He is the best and always gives us his best! If you follow his old-fashioned principles about how to live a blessed and honorable life of joy, hope, and fulfillment, you can be assured of a wonderful life. Read your Bible today!

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