Top 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas (2020)

 Top 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas

 5Top 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas

 What are zero investment business ideas?

 Business Ideas that do not involve any type of investment!  But give you decent returns, known as Zero Investment Business Ideas!  These businesses are based on your knowledge and skills, the efforts you put in, and the time you devote!

 Why Start Zero Investment Business Ideas Than Others?

 People have a lot of knowledge, skills and time, they are ready to put in their efforts!  But there is a lack of financial resources to start any business.  There is no need to leave the shoulders for such people!  Because many business ideas exist!  Those who do not require any financial investment!  But still you have to fill your purse and bank balance!  Such businesses are better than those!  Those who call for investment in a way that involves no risk!  And there is nothing to lose!  If even the worst of scenarios are thought of!  Where you need to close your business!  So there will be no loss of capital!

 5 Zero Investment Business Ideas in India

 Here are some very good business ideas!  Which does not require any investment!  But still getting good benefits!

 1) Blogging

 If you are an expert in any field and are confident about your writing skills in that area!  So blogging is a suitable business idea!  Which does not demand any investment!  You can start creating blogs for different websites!  Can make more money!  You can also buy your domain with a small amount!  And can write articles on their own domain!  And can earn from advertising revenue!

 2) Affiliate Marketing

 Affiliate marketing is a marketing system!  In which a business rewards the affiliate for each customer!  Which comes from affiliate efforts!  Earned income is in the form of a commission for each sale you make!  This business (Affiliate Marketing Business Idea) has gained a lot of fame in India in the last few years!  Many companies offer affiliate marketing programs to promote their business.  This business does not ask for any specific skills!  In addition, affiliate marketing is free to join!  One such example is the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program in India!

 3) Vlogging

 Vlogging is an acronym for Video Log or Video Blog!  This business (Vlogging Business Idea) has paid a lot of attention to the arrival of 4G and 5G technology in the last decade!  If you have any skills like an artwork or cooking expert!  So you can make a video of it!  And post to YouTube!  For publicity, advertise your channel on Facebook and ask relatives and friends to subscribe!  And don’t forget to subscribe to Google AdSense which will pay you for those ads!  People who click while watching your video!  If you are looking for online Zero Investment Business online!  Then this may be the best fit for you!

 4) Online Market Place

 If you prepare some types of pickles, sweets, snacks, handicrafts, etc.  So you can go to open online marketplace!  Where You Can Sell Your Products!  First of all, target local people by advertising on various social media platforms!  And then slowly and continuously expand your business!  The required investment is almost negligible because you only need the raw materials to prepare your product!  However, instead of a one-man army, you can look for some allies!  Who will support you!

 5) Recruitment Agency

 Recruitment agencies will tie-up with corporates and provide talented skills!  What they are watching and charging!  If you have a good network along with communication skills!  So you can open a recruitment agency!  And corporates can collaborate with mid- and small-sized companies!  And can supply manpower!

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