What Is SEO? Search engine Optimization Google

What is SEO and how do search engines optimize?

What Is Seo

(SEO)What is SEO and why is it need for Blogging? These questions often greatly annoy many new and old Bloggers. In today’s digital era, if you’ve got to return to the fore, Online digital is the only source where you’ll be present along with several people. Here, you’ll be yourself through video or reach intent on people through your content.

But to try to do this, you would like to return to the primary pages of search engines because these are the pages that visitors like and trust. But accessing here is, ‘t that easy to try to because you wish to try to your Articles properly. Meaning they have to be optimized correctly, so they will rank in the program.

What is seo

And its process is named SEO. In today’s article, we’ll be told what SEO in Hindi) and the way to try to do it. Blogging’s life is SEO. This is often because you would like to put in writing any good article if your article is, ‘t properly rank, it’s no chances of traffic. All the toil of writers goes into the water my.

What is SEO and why it is important?

So if you’re serious about blogging, you must remember of the SEO tutorial. By doing , so, they’re visiting be convenient later. SEO doesn , ‘t have any rule, but they’re supported some Google Algorithms and alter constantly.

One thing to notice is that if someone tells, you they a giant SEO Expert, never believe it because nobody has been able to mastery the “Optimization is Presentation” to date. This is an identical thing and varies over time and consistent with the necessity.

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But still, there are some fundamentals to the Google SEO guide that are always identical.
So, it is important that Bloggers always keep themselves updated with new SEO technology. This will allow you to understand trends within the market that may also make the changes you wish in your articles which will facilitate your rank later.
Today, we’ll learn what happens in SEO information Hindi or SEO? Friends within the previous article we had to travel to create online money is easy? Blogging is additionally a platform that provides you the means to create money online

What is SEO? It is a search engine optimization technique that helps in ranking websites in search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) is called. In which we optimize the website for search engine Google, Bing, yahoo, for the search engine!
Googlesahayta.com I’ve given you a lot of information related to blogging and wordpress that can be of great use for making your blog a success.
But what’s more important than everything that’s going to succeed in blogging career is SEO. What is the search engine optimization of the known today and why is it necessary for the Blog?

SEO learn blog website in 2020

  1. You should pay attention to your “Blog post Content Quality” SEO Tips in Hindi.
  2. Optimize Title tag!
  3. Use Heading tag H1, H2, H3, h4!
  4. The length of your content is from 10 words to 20 on phera.!
  5. SEO Friendly for Blog Post, URL should be.
  6. Optimize Your Images 20 to 40,50 Kb, be images. And alt tag use “Google”, Yahoo, Bing Search Engine for SEO.
  7. Use Long Tail Keywords to blog.
  8. Before writing a post, do Keyword Research once!
  9. “On page seo
  10. No Keyword density Stuffing.
  11. Off page seo
  12. Lsi keywords
What is seo

Types of SEO

SEO consists of two types: one is Onpage SEO and the other is Offpage SEO. These two are totally different, let us know about them as well

On Page SEO
Off Page SEO
Local SEO

On Page (SEO) Optimization is Presentation ”

Look and Feel of your website.
On-Page Optimization is to make the appearance of your content beautiful
!In easy language,

What Is SEO

How well you have presented the content of your website! Remember, your content presentation is what makes your website stand out from the crowd!

On-Page Optimization, you don’t have to do anything fancy! Just your website should be readable and browsing friendly like your favorite magazine is! It’s it
For now, understand this much on On-Page SEO! And don’t worry, I have made a separate tutorial on the page Optimization Techniques, you can understand it by going here!”One thing of 100 words.

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On Page SEO your content has to wear good clothes, the more good clothes you wear, the more your content will shine!”However, if you are very keen to go, then just read the points given below,
This will give you an idea that On Page SEO is a process in which there are many things:Indexing your website in Search EnginesProper use of keywords which you are targeting.Outbound linksInterlinkingIncrease website speedUsing Multimedia (Images, Videos)Social Sharing and Much More ..

Off Page Seo – Brand Image

PopularityOff page optimization is easier to do than it is easy to hear! Ranking your website in Search engine it calls Off-Page SEO!
Here it is seen how your website Looking with other websites, How popular is your website! Your Social Score is also seen in Off-Page SEO! And also how trustworthy your website is, how much people Like, and trust your website!


Wikipedia for example. Which is considered the most reliable website!Overall how good is your established presence on the internet?
How strong your website is on the Internet is called Off-Page Optimization! Make your brand popular!4Now as you have come to understand what SEO Therefore,

We walk again on the example of our cooking website and see what we have to do!We have to improve the presentation of our website,
which includes – Speed, Structuring, Emotion Titles, Brand Image, Social Presence, Enhancing Popularity!

How to do On Page SEO

Here we’ll learn about some tricks that make on Page SEO1. Website SpeedWebsite speed is a very important link from seo’s vision.
A survey has found that any Visitor lives on a blog or website for more than 4 to 5 seconds.If he doesn’t open within the same time,

he leaves it and migrates to another. And it’s also a matter of google because if your blog isn’t open quickly, a negative signal goes to Google that the blog isn’t that good or isn’t fast.Here are some important tips that let you speed up your blog or website: Use simple

How to do Off Page SEO

Here’s how you’ll tell people about some Off Page SEO Techniques that will prove to be very useful for you in the future.

What is seo

1.Search Engine Submission: Your website should submit correctly to all search engines.

2.Bookmarking: Submit your blog or website’s page and post to the bookmarking website.

3.Directory Submission: Submit your blog or website to a popular high PR directory

4.Social Media: Create a profile on your blog or website page and Social Media and link to your website like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linked

5.Q & A site: You can go to a website with a question and answer and link to your site.

6.Blog Commenting: Comment on their posts by visiting your Blog related blog and apply a link to your website (link should be put where the website is written)

7.Pin: This is a great way to increase traffic by posting your Website image on pinterest.8. Guest Post:

You can visit the Related blog from your website and make Guest Post the best one from which you can take the do-follow link and that too in the right way.
SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a marketing process that allows you to make your blog more visible in search engines so that you can get traffic,
whether it’s free traffic or paid traffic. The main objective of SEO is to use your blog/blog. The website can optimize correctly so as to get a better ranking in the search engine. With SEM, you can get more cheese than SEO.
Because it’s not only limited to Free traffic but also includes other methods such as PPC advertising, etc

About Optimization is Presentation (Terms)

If you’ve got a blog or a website, you’ll know lots about basic SEO about how it works. But I do know there are plenty of you who don, ‘t even know anything about Basic SEO.
So I assumed why not let people understand some vital SEO Terms in order that you’ll also realize it. Backlink: Also called in the link or just link, it is a hyperlink to a different website that points to your website.


Backlinks: are important from SEO’s point of view because it directly influences search ranking of any Web page. Pageant: PageRank is an algorithm that Googles uses to estimate that the online contains a con as relative important pages. Anchor text: Any backlink incorporates a text of the kind of Anchor Text that’s clickable.

If your Keyword is method in your Anchor Text, it’ll also facilitate your with SEO’s vision. Title Tag: Title Tag is primarily the title of any web content and could be an important factor for Google’s Search Algorithm.

What Is Optimization is Presentation keyword optimization

Meta Tags: As soon as Title Tag uses Meta Tag, Search Engines discovers what’s in content in Pages. Search Algorithm: Google’s search algorithm lets us discover if the complete Internet has any sites relevant. About 200 algorithms add Google’s Search Algorithm.

SERP:Its full form is a program Results Page. It basically shows pages that are relevant to Google Search Engines. Keyword Density:

This Keyword Density shows what percentage times a Keyword article has been used. Keyword Density is extremely important from SEO’s vision. Keyword Stuffing:

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As I already said Keyword density SEO is extremely important, but if a Keyword is employed quite you wish, it’s called Keyword Stuffing. These are called Negative SEO because it affects your Blog poorly. Robots.txt: this is often not much of a file that’s placed in domain root. Using this, search bots are informed about how the website structure is.

What are organic and inorganic results?

On THE SERP (Search Engine Result Page) there are mainly two types of listings — Organic and Inorganic. We have to pay Google for Inorganic Listing.
That is, they’re paid and must make money.

Organic listing is totally free, i.e. we will also visit Google’s top page without paying, but you’ve got to try and do SEO first. You must have understood what’s SEO
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