How to make money with a blog for beginners(2020)

How to Start Blog: In today’s time everyone wants to do part-time jobs to earn a little extra money, people often do jobs but the job is right for those who have their full time, but most of the people who want to do part-time jobs because they are busy doing their first Part-time work, but they want to wish some money in their spare time.

How To Start Blog
How To Start Blog

While students and House wife are some of the people who keep searching for part-time jobs online, online is very surry part-time jobs available like Survey Jobs, Data Entry Jobs, Translator Jobs, and so many jobs

but today we are talking about the part-time work that has become very famous in recent days Blogging, blogging in today’s society has been growing very fast, according to a report, 2 lakh students are starting blogging every year, this fact shows how much it has come to trend, well take the topic back to the same.

The things you need to start blogging are:

1. A computer/computer Laptop

2. Basic Internet Connection

3. A Domain

4. And a Basic Hosting Plan

Domain Name:

Domain Name identifies any site just like you visited this site, you may have seen it in your browser’s address bar reads, “This is our Domain Name, so you can also buy your Domain Name from companies like Godaddy BigRock.

How To Start a Blog

You can also take free Domain by going to Blogger. But I will give you the right to buy a Top Level Domain for yourself, so you need full control in the future when traffic starts coming to your blog. Your own Domain will be the best for this on your blog.

Web Hosting:

Web Hosting may be a way to understand some people. But it’s very easy to understand it from this example as if you bought a pilot and built your house on it, added a lot of things, but there is no benefit of that house unless there is a correct address,

if someone has to do you, contact you will come to your address if you also have to invite someone, you will give it your address. If we look at this thing in the Virtual world, Domain address here is what you can give to the people to invite them here, similarly,

web hosting is your pilot here where you keep adding your things here. You can take Web Hosting from any Hosting Provider,

so you’ll recommend Godaddy’s Web Hosting, so their service is great for the other Hosting Provider.

Why shouldn’t you create a blog on the free blogging platform?

I will say this without any force that you should create a self-hosted WordPress blog.
You can see how successful bloggers are whose blogs are being hosted on the free blogging platform, or you’ve never seen the name of a big blog like this ‘ or have ever seen ‘ like that, there are a lot of problems with the free blogging platform.

1) You don’t have control over your content: The free blogging platform provider can never close your blog for any reason. If I don’t believe me, read it.

How To Start Blog

2) Your blog’s web address becomes too long and complicated to remember: as will be remembered comfortably.

3) You’ll also have to advertisement: The biggest thing with most free blogging platforms is to make money from your blog, making it very difficult.

Don’t treat me wrong, but if you want to make your blog successful, blogging on self-hosted WordPress blog from the beginning, if for some reason you can’t start a blog on self-hosted WordPress blog, no one can do it with bloggers, but it would be better to migrate your WordPress after a while.

If I were you, I started with a self-hosted blog from the first day with my domain name. Creating a self-hosted blog is much easier and much cheaper than you think and easier.

How to choose a great domain name.

If you already have Domain, scroll a little and read the second paragraph below.

Often, the new blogger who sees Domain Name makes a lot of mistakes, always remember that your Domain Name should have all this, then take your Domain Name.

Easy to remember: Never take a nonsense Domain Name, which is too much to speak or ever take a Domain Name that has a very surrey dash like ‘’ domain name, but something like ‘’ is easy to remember and will come to a very tongue-in-the-tongue.

Unique and descriptive: Your Domain Name displays what you want to write about or the subject on which you want to create your blog.

Trusted: Domain extensions such as,net, .org, .com, .in, etc are very popular. People often think of a website before ‘.com’. Never use domain extensions like .rocks, biz, it’s less used, hard to remember, and not even trustworthy.

Log in your account and install The WordPress.

Shortly after taking your Domain Name and Hosting, you’ll have an email containing your Cpanel Hosting Panel information here, you have to click on the given link and log in to your Cpanel after you log in, you can install the script already written in.

How To Start Blog
How To Start Blog

As soon as you go to your Cpanel you see that the option will be available softaculous or installation you have to click on the same option and click on the WordPress to go to the blog option that you will be able to install WordPress in the blog,

WordPress Install Email

Log in your blog and check your new blog|
After you install WordPress you will have an email in which your login information will be you have to click on the link provided to login to your WordPress blog,

that will be the link. you have a screen show in which you need to enter your username and password.

Change your blog design, how to shape your blog.

In this section, I will tell you how you can improve your blog. I’ll tell you the basics of WordPress and you’ll know how easy it is and how enjoyable. In this section you’ll learn all this:

How To Start Blog

WordPress dashboard will be familiar then
Change blog design
New plugin/plugin Install feature
Make your blog search engine friendly
If you’ve set up your blog, you’ll now learn how to use WordPress. I assure you, it’s very easy and fun

Understand the WordPress dashboard.
WordPress Dashboard

When you first go to your WordPress dashboard, for the time being, that’s something that will look like this.

We’ve broken down the tools on the dashboard into different parts so that you’re easier to understand.

How To Start Blog
“Dashboard”: This is where you’ll be able to keep an eye on all your posts, comments, pages, you can see in the screen as you can also write a quick draft, but I’ll tell you how the dashboard is used correctly. How To Start Blog
“Posts”: This is where you will be able to write posts for the blog and edit your old or new posts.
“Media”: This is where all the Images, Videos, Audio you inserted will be available. You can also edit everything you’ve inserted in this section.
“Pages”: This is where you can create a permanent page for your blog. You can manage all these things such as services, contact us, and all these things.
“Comments”: Here you can manage the comments on your blog.
“Appearance”: Here you can change the theme, layout, and change your blog’s themes. I will tell you in detail about this section in the next paragraph.
“Plugins”: This section itself makes WordPress so special, the plugin is a small software script to add any extra fracture such as Google Analytics, SEO by Yoast, etc… This makes your blog user friendly and better.

“Settings”: This is the last section of the dashboard, where you can manage your site’s name title email address and essentials.

Change your blog’s Theme and Layout

If you want to make the blog successful, it’s important to look good for the theme and layout, your theme should be responsive so that no one who visits your site whether it’s on the desktop or on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet when you access the site.

Themes are ready for WordPress you just have to search for the theme of your account, so it may seem very easy, but it is also very difficult because we don’t get the theme of our account many times. Keep these things in mind when searching for themes:

How to Start Blog

Themes suit your subject, such as an image theme for image blogs, clear themes for blog, sports theme for a sports blog.
Theme responsive.
There is no retraction in customization.
Theme clear and fast loading.

I find the feature filter option very perfect for searching for WordPress themes, in this, you can search the theme according to your convenience, once you like the theme you like you can install it. The install option will show you the same time keeping the cursor above the theme.

Theme feature filter

After the theme is installed you have to activate it, so you’ll be able to install the theme of your choice.

Theme Activate

As I told you earlier, plugins are small software in WordPress, which you install to give you extra features in the blog. You can do a few things with the plugin:

Add contact forms
Reducing spam comments
Making your blog SEO friendly
Add photo gallery
Many more things.

Installing the plugin is very easy, you have to click on the plugins and press the Add new button.
You can then search the plugin for anything by keyword use

Plugins search by keywords

When you find the plugin, click on the install button on it and then activate it as we did while activating the theme.

Activate Plugin

Note: Search Google a bit about it before installing the plugin, and also read its reviews that some plugins aren’t right for your site to undermine security and other important things.

Make your blog Seo friendly

There are a lot of ways to make the blog an SEO friendly, which is a different topic, but here making our blog an SEO friendly means correcting its Permalinks and removing spam comments.


Permalinks are the backbone of any site, such as if your permalinks look strange. Google will also not give priority to your site in its result if So we need our site to always show the permalinks related to the post,

you can manage your permalinks going to the settings, where you will get the option to show permalinks. Except for the default and numeric, you can choose any option you like.

Spam Comments

Many people approve spam comments on their blogs, most of the comments are sent by bots that advertisement service or product. You should not approve such comments and delete them.
To manage the comments, you go to the section in the discussion in settings and manage the comments accordingly.

Add a new user

If you ever have to change your information or add a new user, you can manage it by going to the user’s option.

Add New User

If you click on the add new option to add a new user, you will see that the new screen has a lot of options like first name, last name, etc. You have to fill all these options and click on the Add new user button in the last. This way you can add any new user.

Note: Every single roll has a different meaning before any new user is added to think about his/her role. Get to know the rolls well before any new user is allocated the roll.

“Subscribers” can only manage their profile, not update or change content.
“Administrators” have all the rights to manage the blog in their own way, doing everything that’s

available in WordPress.

“Authors” can only publish their blog posts and edit them.
“Contributors” can only write posts but cannot publish them.
You can manage or publish the “Editors” post, which can also manage another user’s posts.
You can manage or publish the “Editors” post, which can also manage another user’s posts.

How to add blog posts or pages

Add New Post Screen

By now you may have understood how easy it is to manage WordPress. I congrats you so far, now next to this I will tell you how you can write posts on your blog, and also how to publish them, in this section I will tell you:

How to post or write pages inside WordPress.
and insert images, links, and headings into the post.
and to write some tips for the best article.

How to write posts?

Just click ‘Add new’ by moving the cursor over the post’s button to write the post.

The next screen will look like this.

Add New Post

You have to write the title of your post in the box at the top and the entire content of the rest in the big box below. You can save your half-written post in drafts at any time, which you can publish by editing it in the future, you need to click the Save Draft button in the box on your right side. At the same time, you can also schedule your post or even show your friends.

Save Draft

How To Start Blog

Add images, videos, audio, or a file.
Add Media

To add images, videos, audio, or a file to your post, you’ll need to click on the add media button, where you’ll see two options in the Media Library (where the images or files you’ve already uploaded are available), the second option will be uploaded from where you can select images or files. Once the image you uploaded is shown on the media editor, you can insert it into the post.

How to add a link.
Add Links

It’s a great way to add links with other sites to share content or interlinking your content.
To add a link, click on the icon that looks like a chain, you’ll see a pop-up screen open after clicking where there are plenty of options you have to insert a link into the URL and the text in the link text on which you have to insert the link.

How to add headers and make text editing.

The shanzaraat of the post if it is with the heading and bold content, it is the reader’s attendance gain.

Add a heading

Click on the drop down menu to add the heading that is on the left side, you will be able to add the heading according to your own.

How To Start Blog

Edit font

you can also change the color of the text bold, italic, underline or text in the wordpress editor in just a couple clicks:

“B” to bold.
“I” to italic.
“U” to underline.
“A” is the drop-down menu from which you can choose the font color.
As you can see how easy it is for anyone who has ever worked on Microsoft Word.

Make your blog successful

As you have now set up the blog, you now have to make the blog successful so that you can generate revenue from it. To make your blog famous and successful, you need to:

Connect your blog to social media sites, and you can use your Facebook/Facebook blog. Integrate google plus page

Comment on a good blog and gain backlinks.

Write guest posts on good blogs.
Go to forums and give a link to your blog on the signature.
Create your professional ID with your domain name, except for the old G-Mail ID.
Share your content on a site like Reddit, Stumbleupon.
Enter your website by going to some good directories.

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